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oriol 'baltimore oriole' song birds 'barn cats' 'barn swallow' song birds 'birch tree' 'bitter 'black 'black and white' 'black and white' bw 'black billed cuckoo' song birds 'black capped chickadee opening seed' 'black capped chickadee' 'black tern' 'bleeding heart 'blue 'blue grey gnatcatcher' song birds 'blue headed vireo' song birds 'blue jay' 'blue jay' song birds 'blueheaded vireo' song birds 'broad 'brown creeper' dsc1477 song birds 'brown creeper' song birds 'brown thrasher' song birds 'bucktail falls' 'buff 'bull moose 'bull moose' 'bull moose' fall 'bull moose' large mammals. moose 'bullhead lily' 'cardinal flower' 'carolina wren' song birds 'catbird eating sumac' 'catbird' 'grey catbird' 'cayuga lake' 'cedar waxwing' 'central new york photos' 'central new york' 'cerulean 'chaumont barrens' 'chestnut 'chickadee 'chickadee nesting 'chipping sparrow' 'chipping sparrow' song birds 'christmas skaneareles' 'clay colored 'cobble stone beach' 'commom 'common 'common gallinule 'common redpoll' song birds 'common snipe 'common snipe' 'cooper's hawk' birds of prey 'cowshed falls' 'crow mobbing red tailed hawk' birds of prey 'dairy cows' 'dark eyed junco' junco song birds 'deer winter' 'deeryard' 'dinosaur barbacue' 'double bloodroot' 'downy woodpecker crest up' 'downy woodpecker female' song birds 'downy woodpecker male' song birds 'downy woodpecker on deer carcass' song birds 'downy woodpecker' song birds 'dutchmans breeches' 'eagle chick' 'eagle cliff falls' 'eagles pair bonding' 'eastern bluebird male' 'eastern bluebird' 'eastern meadow lark' 'eastern pee wee' 'eastern pee wee' song birds 'eastern phobee' 'eastern state penitentiary' 'eastern towee' 'eastern towhee' 'elderberry pond restaurant' 'english sparrow attacking tree sparrow nest' 'english violets' 'european starling 'european starling' 'fall moose family' 'fall ny' 'false helibore' 'farmland' 'female cardinal' song birds 'female ceurlian warbler' song birds 'female kestel' birds of prey 'female moose' 'female' bluebird' song birds 'field sparrow' song birds 'finger lakes 'finger lakes' 'fingerlakes' 'flowers abstract' 'fox behavior' 'fox hunting' 'fox kits' 'fox listening hunts' 'fox sparrow' song birds 'fox' 'getting 'glossy 'glossy ibis' 'white 'god rays' 'golden crowned kinglet' song birds 'gray 'gray jay' song birds 'great 'great blue heron 'great blue heron eating fish' 'great blue heron' 'great blue heron' stare 'great crested flycatcher' song birds 'great egret' 'great egret' dsc 'green lakes state park' 'green lakes' 'hairy woodpecker male' 'hairy woodpecker' song birds 'hairy woodpecker' song birds 'hermit thrush' song birds 'hoar frost' 'hoar frost'' 'hoary redpoll' song birds 'hooded 'hooded merganser' 'hoopes park' 'horned grebe' 'horned lark' song birds 'horse in winter' 'horses in snow' dsc 'horses running in winter' 'horses running' 'house finch' 'house finch' song birds 'house sparrow' song birds 'ice 'ice cap' 'immature bald eagle' 'immature baltimore 'indigo bunting' song birds 'joe 'joe whiting and mark doyle' 'junco' insect song birds 'keene valley' 'kids with cows' 'labrador hollow pond' 'labrador hollow' 'lady 'lake colby' adirondacks 'least 'lesser 'lesser yellowlegs taking bath' 'lesser yellowlegs' 'lesseryellowlegs' 'lincoln's sparrow' song birds 'little 'little green heron' 'lockwood lavender farms' 'louisiana 'male american kestrel' 'male cardinal' song birds 'male kestrel transfering food female' 'american kestrel' birds of prey 'male moose' 'marbled 'marsh wren' song birds 'mature red tailed hawk eating carp' 'mature red tailed hawk' birds of prey 'may fly' 'mayfly' 6 'michael faust award' 'micheal fawcett award' 'mill pond 'montezuma sandhill cranes' 'montezuma wildlife refuge' 'moonlit' 'moose calf' large mammals. moose 'moose family' 'moose shaking water off' 'moose' 'male moose' 'morning dove' song birds 'moss glenn falls' 'mourning 'mourning dove' 'mourning dove' song birds 'mute 'new hope mills' 'new york state fair' 'new york state fair'' 'night photography 'northern 'northern harrier 'northern harrier juvenile' birds of prey 'northern harrier' 'northern harrier' birds of prey 'northern hawk coughing up pellet' 'northern hawk owl retrieving cached meadow vole' owls 'northern hawk owl' 'northern mockingbird' song birds 'northern pintail' 'nys fair' 'one legged 'oneida lake' 'osprey chicks 'osprey nest 'otisco lake' 'otisco valley' 'ovenbird' 'owl nest cavity' 'pair of cedar waxwing' 'pair of cedar waxwings' 'parula warbler' 'peregrin falcon' 'peregrin ruffling feathers' birds of prey 'peregrine falcon flight' birds of prey 'philadelphia vireo' song birds 'pied billed grebe' 'piedbilled grebe family' 'pileatedwoodpecker' 'pine 'pine grosbeak' song birds 'pine siskin' song birds 'pink 'prairie 'prairie grass' 'prothonotary 'prothonotory 'purple fringed gentian' 'purple wildflower' 'queen ann's lace' 'rabbit nest' 'raccoon babies' 'rainbow bridge 'rainbow owns or lake' 'ram's head orchid' 'raquette lake' 'red 'red barn' 'red bellied 'red breasted nuthatcher' song birds 'red eyed vireo singing' vireo' 'red eyed vireo' 'red eyed vireo' song birds 'red tailed hawk eating carp' 'red tailed hawk flight' birds of prey 'red tailed hawk mantaling prey' birds of prey 'red tailed hawk pair' birds of prey 'red wildflower' 'red winged blackbird' 'red winged blackbirds migration' song birds 'redheaded woodpecker 'dsc8396 song birds 'redheaded woodpecker' dsc8543 song birds 'redheaded woodpecker' song birds 'redtail 'redtailed hawk 'redtailed hawk behavior' 'redtailed hawk fight' 'redtailed hawk take off' birds of prey 'redtailed hawk' birds of prey 'redtailed hawks fighting 'redtailed hawks' 'redwing blackbird' song birds 'redwinged 'ring billed gull' song birds 'ring necked 'ringnecked pheasant' 'rough legged hawk flight' birds of prey 'rough legged hawk' birds of prey 'rough winged swallows' 'roughlegged 'roughlegged hawk' 'ruby crowned kinglet' song birds 'ruby throated hummingbird' hummingbird feeding sapsucker 'ruby throated hummingbird' song birds 'rumba peregrine falcon' birds of prey 'sand hill cranes' 'sandhill 'savannah 'savannah sparrow insect' song birds 'savannah sparrow' dsc 'savannah sparrow' song birds 'scarlet tanager' 'scarlet tanager' song birds 'scarlet tananger' 'scarlett tananger' song birds 'screech owl' 'semi palimated plover' may 'semipalmated 'seneca falls' 'seneca mills' 'short 'short eared owl 'short eared owl take off' 'shorteared owl' 'short eared owl' 'short eared owl' owls 'short eared owl' short 'short eared owls' 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3444 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3523 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887 sun 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887display 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887dsc7185 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887dsc7195 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887dsc7304 'shorteared owl hunting'dsc3887flight 'shorteared owl' 'shorteared owls' 'simon pond 'simon pond tupper 'simon pond' 'ska eaters scenic' 'skaneateles lake' 'skaneateles scenic' 'smalls falls' 'smoke prairie grass' 'smoky mountains' 'snow 'snow bunting' song birds 'snow buntings' song birds 'snow geese' 'snowgoose' 'snowy 'snowy egret' 'snowy owl 'snowy owl landing' 'snowy owl' 'song sparrow' 'song sparrow' dew7864 'song sparrow' song birds 'song sparrowsinging' song birds 'spotted sandpiper' may 'spring birch' 'stone canoe' 'sunrise skaneateles lake' 'sherwood inn' 'swainson's thrush' song birds 'sweet peas flower' 'sweet peas' 'taughannock falls' 'tree 'tree peony' 'tree swallow feeding young' song birds 'tree swallows 'tree swallows' song birds 'tricolored 'trumpeter 'tufted titmouse' dsc 'tundra 'tupper lake' 'turkey vulture' song birds 'upland 'view from kayak' 'virginia 'warbling vireo' song birds 'water lilies' 'waterfall winter' 'waterfall' 'waterfalls 'watkins glenn' 'white 'white breasted 'white breasted nuthatch' song birds 'white faced ibis' winter 'white throated 'whitethroated sparrow' song birds 'wild horses assateague' 'willow flycatcher' song birds 'wilson's snipe' 'wilsons 'wing clapping' 'winter deer' 'winter eastern bluebird' 'winter landscape' 'winter scenic' 'winter wren' song birds 'wood duck pair' 'wood duck' 'wood thrush singing' song birds 'wood thrush' song birds 'woodchuck gathering materials for den' 'woodland wildflowers' 'world refugee day' 'yellow 'yellow bellied sapsucker' 'yellow legs' with 'yellow pond lily' 'yellow rumped warbler eating bayberries' 'yellow throated vireo' song birds 'yellowthroated vireo' song birds 'young 'young deer' 'young fox' 'young male moose' large mammals. moose .american kestrel with prey' birds of prey 0563 1osprey mating' birds of prey 2010 audabon winner wood duck image 2010 national audabon society photography winner 20180327document 20180328short 20180329short 20180410wood 27th 2captive 3ared 4180 abstract above absolute abstract abstract art abstract bird art abstract dsc5775 abstract snow geese acadia acadia national park acadian adirondack adirondack fine art print black and white adirondack mountains adirondack sunrise adirondacks adirondacks fall adirondak adult adult winter plummage' advocet' after the rain against algonguin algonquin algonquin park algonquin provincial park almost alone altercation am jam am jam tattoo show am jam tattoo show 2011 amazon american american golden american plover' american redstart american redstart territorial display amherst island animal connection animal connection to children animals anna anne's ans antique bike antiques apple april arbutis lake around arrival arrowhon arrowroot' art art in photography artdew0938 artinnature artist artistic arts aspen aspens assateague at the farm atitude auburn auburn ny audubon winner 2010 aug august aurora aurora ny autumn autumn abstracts autumn lake colby autumn leaves autumn ny aven avocet avocet' award winning photo award winning photographer award winning photographer diana whiting of skaneateles away axi sponsa babies baby baby animals baby fox baby goat backed backlit backlit deer in morning light backroads backseat driver backwards bald baldwinsville ballet baltimore baltimore oriole with food baltimore orioles bancroft band bark barn barn in evening light barn in winter barn swallow barn swallow behavior barn swallows barn swallows feeding young barns barred barred owl flight barred owl robert moses state park barred owl taking off barred owl. barred owl portrait in beautiful light bath' bathing bay beach beautiful redbellied woodpecker beautiful winter light with deer browsing beauty beaver beaver portrait beaver swimming bee befor begging beginning behavior belem bellied ben berries between between' cultures billed birch birch trees birches bird bird behavior bird of prey bird photography as art bird portrait bird portraits birdhouse birding birding lake ontario birds birds as art birds as art. flight birds in flight birds of concern birds of prey birds showing territorial display birds with young birthday bits of prey bitter vetch sweet pea' bittern bittern least catching frog bittern' black black and white black and white adirondack black and white art black and white landscape black and white photography black and white scenics black capped chickadee black creek black creek stream black her flying black river adirondacks black skimmer black ter black tern black tern as art black tern behavior black tern chick black tern fine art black tern fishing black tern fledgling black tern flight black tern in flight black tern juvenile black tern landing terns black tern wing span black terns bird of concern black terns flying black terns in flight black terns in ny black throated blackbellied plover blackbird blackbird' blackbirds flying in golden light blackburian blackburian warbler blackburnian blacknecked stilt blackpoll warbler blacktern blast bleeding blood bloodroot blue blue mountain blue mountain fall blue mountain lake bluebird blues blush of color blushed bmp5109 bmp5127 board boat boathouses boating boats bob halligan bobolink bobolinks bobwhite bog bog flowers bog river bog river flow bog river flow adirondack bog river flow. bog river flow fall bombay hook bonaparte bonaparte's bonaparte's gull bonaparte's gull hunting behavior bonaparte's gull lake ontario bonaparte's gull stirring up fish bonapartes boo boreal bowed boy branch brazil breasted breeches breeding brian brian murphy brian scherer bridge bringing british brown brown tract pond browsing buck bucktail buddies horses large mammals. moose buffalo buffbreasted sandpiper bufflehead buiding building' bull bull moose bull moose fall bunting buntings burdock burn bush butterflies butterfly buttermilk button bw bw. 'black and white' cabbage cabin cadillac mountain cadillac mountain fall calalilly calf california callalily calling canada canadian canandaiga canoe at lake canoe in winter canoeing canoes canvas captain car collision snowy owl cardinal carrying cascade lake caspian caspian tern caspian tern dive caspian tern flight caspian tern hunting caspian tern montezuma wildlife refuge caspian tern with fish cat tails catapillar catch catcher catching cats cats dew3907 cattle cavity' cayuaga state park cayuga cayuga lake cedar cedar waxwing cedar waxwing portrait cell phone central central new york landmarks central ny central ny winter ceremony cerlulean cerulean champlain valley change charlie bertini chasing chasing it's rivals' check cheetah chestnut chevy chick chickadee chickadee in flight chickadee in flight feeder birds chicks chicoteague child child feeding horse child with baby goat child with goat children children and animal connection chimney bluffs chincoteague chincoteague beach chincoteague wildlife refuge chipmunk circles city clark's clark's grebe clark's grebe family clark's grebe lake ontario clark's grebe new york state clark's grebe nys clark's grebe oswego new york clark's grebe oswego ny clark's grebe rare bird in nys clark's grebe riding the waves of lake ontario clark's grebe view from rear clark's grebe with chick clark's grebe with chick on back clark's grebe with young clearwinged cliffs climb climbing clingman clinton square syracuse ny cloak cloud leopard clouds cloudsdsc3410 cny cohash cohosh' color colorado colormetric colors colt colts coming common common moorhen common tern common tern hunting. birds on lake ontario common tern with fish condo connection connections contrast cony scenic winter cooper's coopers coopers hawk coot coots copulation copy2 copycoopers copygoldfinch coral bell coral bell jeweled in dew drops cormorant cosmos costello costello creek coughing country country roads county courtship cove cow cowbird coyote crafts crane crane' cranes creative art from natures mini landscapes creative bird photography creative photgraphy creative photography creative vision creek creeper crested cropped cross country skiing crossbill crow crow mobbing snowy owl crown crowned crows ctenucha' cuckoo cultures cute face of young deer winter dam damselfly dance daphne dark dark phased roughlegged hawk darker days dec december deep deer deer behavior in winter deer on hind legs deer river flow deer. deer in winter defending defense degrees delmarva departure design dew dew0004 dew0006 dew0024 dew0027 dew0036 dew0042 dew0043 dew0045 dew0054 dew0072 dew0075 dew0094 dew0100 dew0116 dew0120 dew0128 dew0131 dew0132 dew0137 dew0138 dew0160 dew0189 dew0209 dew0214 dew0219 dew0282 dew0369 dew0619 dew0683 dew0698 dew0715 dew0758 dew0793 dew0824 dew0827 dew0865 dew0896 dew0962 'watkins glenn'. 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'horses in snowstorm' dsc2028 dsc2033 dsc2058 dsc2070 dsc2096 dsc2126 dsc2167 dsc2222 dsc2230 dsc2254 dsc2256 dsc2258 dsc2269 dsc2271 dsc2279 dsc2304 dsc2307 dsc2336 dsc2349 dsc2356 dsc2363 dsc2368 dsc2412 dsc2450 dsc2498 dsc2517 dsc2524 dsc2545 dsc2548 dsc2557 dsc2562 dsc2572 dsc2578 dsc2585 dsc2593 dsc2599 dsc2607 dsc2613 dsc2617 dsc2636 dsc2651 dsc2678 dsc2687 dsc2699 dsc2722 dsc2732 dsc2736 dsc2739 dsc2748 dsc2785 dsc2787 dsc2791 dsc2793 dsc2797 dsc2801 dsc2805 dsc2815 dsc2865 dsc2865warmburned dsc2920 dsc3023 dsc3036 dsc3047 dsc3082 dsc3163 dsc3172 dsc3183 dsc3193 dsc3286 dsc3339 dsc3343 dsc3369 dsc3394 dsc3399 dsc3432 dsc3436 dsc3443 dsc3443 'ben wiles on skaneareles ny' dsc3445 dsc3467 dsc3522 dsc3590 dsc3821 dsc3861 dsc3869 dsc3881 dsc3966 dsc4193 dsc4202 dsc4249 dsc4288 dsc4396 dsc4405 dsc4418 dsc4425 dsc4430 dsc4558 dsc4568 dsc4640 dsc4659 dsc4662 dsc4667 dsc4696 dsc4844 dsc4847 dsc4849 dsc4853 dsc4855 dsc4859 dsc4863 dsc4869 dsc4878 dsc4881 dsc4886 dsc4896 dsc4900 dsc4917 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interaction early ears earth barn eastern eating ebony edgar edge edges egret egret' egrets eight eight pointer eighth lake electocuted owl elk ella endangered birds enjoying winter entry envioronment environment escape esp ester eternity ethically photographed owl evening exhibition extends eye eyed faced faced ibis comparison fair falcon falconer falconer's fall fall adirondacks fall as art fall bull moose' fall color fall ducks fall fall nys fall finger lakes fall foliage adirondacks fall foliage ny fall landscape fall moose fall mountain view adirondacks fall ny fall old forge fall reflections fall scenic adirondack fall scenic adirondacks. fall nys fall. adirondacks falls false false helibore family fan farm farm animals farm animals and children farm with moonrise farmer's farmland farmland winter farms farmscapes fawn fawns feather feathers feb fecal feeder feeder birds feedin feeding feeding chickadees feldmann female female mallard duck ducks female northern harrier female northern harrier winter female pheasant females festival field fields fight fighting final fine art fine art bird photography fine art birds fine art black and white fine art horse fine art prints finger finger lake waterfalls finger lakes finger lakes christmas finger lakes dsc4514 finger lakes photos finger lakes photos 'madison county' finger lakes waterfall finger lakes waterfalls finger lakes' fingerlakes finn fire tower fires first clark's grebe in nys first piping plover chicks on lake ontario in thirty one years first year deer winter fish fishdsc fishing five flag flames fledge fledgling fledglings flicker flight flight' floating floating leaf floppy flower flowers flowing flush flushed flushing fly fly' flycatcher flying flying' fog fog and mist fog on lake fog over winter lake foliage fom food foot for kit with mom forced forest forster's fountain fourth fox fox behavior fox kit fox kit baby fox fox kit behavior fox kit fine art prints fox kit playing with prey fox kit with bird fox kit with vixen fox kit with vixen fox grooming fox kits fox kits nursing fox kits playing fox kits playing with parent fox kits publication fox kits with mother fox kits with prey fox lit fox photos taken in a natural environment not baited or called fox playing fox study fox' foxtail grass framed francie cuthbert frank fritillary frog frogs frost frosted frosted leaves full full moon full moon landscape full moon photography fulton gadwall gallinule game birds garden garnet gathering gathering nest material' gazebo geese geese with rainbow geese'dsc5328 geese'dsc5545 geneva gentian gentians george georgetown getting girl giving glen glossy glow gnatcatcher goats goats and children god's god's rays gods rays godwit' godwit3 goer goes gold golden goldeneye goldenrod goldfinch gone goose gorilla gorton pond gosslings grackle grampus lake outlet grapevine grass grasses grassland birds gray great great blue heron great blue heron landing great blue heron take off great blue heron taking off great egret great egret catching fish great egret fish tossing meal great egret fishing great egret tossing fish great gray owls not baited strix nebulosa north america's largest owl great gray owls not baitedstrix nebulosa north america's largest owl great gray owls robert moses state parkgreat gray owl irruption new york stategreat gray owls hunting great gray owls robert moses state parkgreat owl irruption new york stategreat hunting great great owl great grey owl diving great grey owl flight great grey owl hovering great grey owl robert moses state park great grey owlbehavior great lakes piping plover great lakes piping plover recovery program great lakes piping plovers greatblue heron grebe grebes green green heron behavior green heron fishing green warbler' greg greylag grimm grooming grosbeak grouse gull gulls gulls. birds as art gurupa guyana hairy hairy woodpecker halloween haloween handed hands harbor harborfest harrier harris haven having hawk hawk take off' hawks headed heart heather heaven helldiver hellebore help hermit heron heron' herons herrin herring hidden hiding high winds on lake ontario hinkley reservoir hoar hoar frost hoarfrost hobble holes' hollow hooded hooded merganser hoods hook hooper horned horse horse and child horse art. impressionism horse behavior horse connection with child horse in snowstorm horse portrait horse with child horse. abstract horses horses nuzzling hosta hotel house houses hovering howler howler monkey hula hummingbird hung hunter's diner hunting huntington forest i love ny ibis ibis' ice ice reflections iceland icequeen icicles id purple sandpiper immature impressionism impressions in indian lake adirondacks indigo infinity inlet in owasco lake inner insect insects insects as art inspirational inspirational photo interaction' interior guyana into iris island it's ithaca ithaca gorges its itself jam jan january jay jewel jnauary joe joe davoli joe whiting joe whiting live performance joe whiting music joe whiting performing live joe1 judge judge ben wiles jukinbone july junco june jungledsc juniper junipers3 junvenile just juvenile juvenile black tern juvenile' juvenille kaieteur kaieteur falls kayak kayakers kayaking kayaking acadia national park kayaking adirondacks kayaking. paddling kayaks keen valley keen valley barn keene keene valley kestrel kid goat with child kids and animals kids love animals kids love nature kill' killdeer kim kingbird kingfisher kissed kit kits knot labrador labrador hollow ny labrador pond ny lace lady lake lake durant lake ontario lake ontario art lake ontario birding lake ontario piping plover chick lake ontario recreation lake ontario sunset lake ontario. proposal of marriage lake placid lake placid lodge lake pleasant ny lake pleasant outlet lake ultowana lakedsc lakefront lakes lakeside lamb lamb and sheep landing landmarks landscape landscapes large mammals. moose larks last laughing lavendar lavender farms lavender festival. lockwood lavender festival leaf leaf art leaf decay leaf study leafed least least bittern taking flight least sandpiper least sandpipers leaves legged legs leopard lesser letchworth letchworth state park letchworth state park. rochester leucistic leucistic deer libellula light lighter lighthouse lights lilies lily lily pads lily5 limekiln lion lions little clear pond adirondacks little green heron little green heron eating frog' little green heron hunting little moss lake live liverpool liverpoolny lockwood lodge loj loj adirondacks long long billeted dowitchersresting long lake long lake in acadia national park longbilled dowitcher loon loon art loon behavior loon chick loon climbing parent's loon family loon in fall reflections loon in fog loon in the fog loon in the mist loon migration loon molting loon preening loon pulling feather loon rising loon straightening wing feathers loon swimming loon vertical loon with chick on back loon with feather in bill loon with two chicks loon with young loons loons algonquin park loons bill dipping loons circling loons fine art loons in fog loons with babies on back loons with chicks loren barriger love luctuosa luesistic lupine lupines luster lynx macro macro flowers macro. bw maine maine lighthouses making making nest cavity' male male northern harrier male northern harrier flying male pintail male ringnecked pheasant male spruce grouse male spruce grouse displaying male turkey displaying male whitetailed male yellowbellied sapsucker mallard mallard duck mallard landing mallard squabble mallards mallard duck mallards' mallow man manatee manny mantling marbled marbled godwit marbled godwit flight march margie marina mark mark doyle market marsh marsh hawk marshes martin massena mate material mating mating2 mature may may fly mayfly mayfly on grass meadow meadows meal' meercat melt merganser merganser flight' merganser' merganzer merlin mexican mid lakes navigation skaneateles midair midair steal short eared owl migration mile milestones milky milky way milky way adirondacks milky way with shooting stars mill mill pond mill pond union springs mills mini scenics mink mirror lake mirror reflection mission mist mist on a lake molting molting black tern mom monkey montezuma montezuma wildlife refuge moon moonlight moonlight adirondack moonlit moonrise moonrise central ny moonrise over pompey ny moorhen moose moose river moose river fall moose river plains moose with more morning morning mist morning's morph morton's moth motorcycles mount desert island mountain mountain view mountains mourning mushroom muskrat mute mute swan name nap napping nashville national nature nature and children nature as art nature's neck necked nest nesting new hope new hope mills new hope mills flour new hope skaneateles new york state fair dairy cows' newborn nigella niger night night landscape night landscape adirondacks night photography night time photography noise normal northern northern harrier northern harrier and short eared owl northern harrier flight' northern harrier hunting northern harrier makes off with stolen prey northern harrier steal from short eared northern harrier steals from short eared owl northern harrier steals vole northern hawk owl. boreal owl northern male harrier northern male harrier hunting northern pintail northern pintail fall northern pintail flight northernharrier noses not nothern november nubble lighthouse nubbles nubbles lighthouse nuthatch nuthatcher' ny ny fall foliage ny' nys nys fair oasis ocean ocelot oct october oil old barn old barns in black and white old bike old car old forge old hands one onieda onmud onondaga ontario open oprey optimist orcahards orchards orchids orilole orinocco orinoco orinoco river oriole oriole' osprey osprey in flight oswego oswego harbor fest oswego lighthouse others otter ovenbird overlook owasco owasco lake owl owl' owlets owls owls endangered oxbow lake oxtongue oyster pad paddle paddle boarding paddle boarding lake ontario paddling painted painterly pair pair of fox kits pair of horses pair' pallet pallette palm palm warbler palmated pals panaramic pano parent parent's parfait park parkside parrot partiers partly passing pastel pastels pastorial pasture pat pata patina patterns pea peacock pectoral sandpiper peek peeking pelican pellet pen pennant peony peony' people perceptual peregrine perennials perigee perspective perspective' phalarope' pharalope phase pheasant pheasant' pheasants photography as art picking pie pied pied billed grebe youngster eating fish piedbill grebe piedbill grebe on land piedbilled grebe pier pine pine siskin pines pink stucco house pintail pintail in flight pintails piping piping plover piping plover lake ontario piping plovers on lake ontario pipipin pipit' pixley falls state park plain plant macro play playing plover plover' plovers plumage point pollinator pompey pond pondhawk ponds ponies ponies running pony porcupine portrait possum postcard pouncing power prairie pratt's preening preening' presenting prey prey' print profile proposal provincial puffed pulling pumpkin pumpkin patc pumpkin patch finger lakes pumpkins pup purple purple gentain purple sandpiper push putting queen quimbey pond rabbit rabbits raccoon rain rainbow rainbow falls rainbowdsc raindrops rainy ramblings raptor raquette lake sunrise raquette river adirondacks rare rare bird nys rare birds rare birds new york rare orchids rarity raven raven in flight rays rdheaded duck id ready rear records recreation recreation oswego ny. recreation lake ontario red red bellied woodpecker red fox red fox' red leaf red tailed hawk red tailed hawk chasing rough legged hawk' birds of prey red winged blackbird red winged blackbird' red winged blackbirds redbellied redbellied woodpecker redbellied woodpecker flight redbellied woodpecker in flight redbreasted merganser redbreasted merganser on land redbud redhead redheaded duck redheaded duck id redheaded duck take off redheaded duck winter redheaded woodpecker redheaded woodpecker at nest cavity redheaded woodpecker with chick redheaded woodpecker with dragonfly redpoll reds redsheaded duck take off redstart redstart' redtailed hawk redtailed hawk behavior redtailed hawks behavior redtailed hawks fighting redtails redwinged redwinged blackbird redwinged blackbird portrait redwinged blackbird taking flight redwinged blackbirds fighting reeds refections reflection reflections refuge refugee release releasing religious remember resting retired returns rhino riding ring ringnecked ringnecked pheasant ripple ripples rival river rivers road roads roadside robert robert treman park robin robin nesting on previous years of nests rock rock lake rocks rocky mountain school of photography rodent rollin' rollins rollins pond romance roost root rosamond gifford zoo rose roufh rough row royal ruby ruddy ruffed ruffling feathers' rumba rumble rumped running rushing water rust rustic rusty sac sailing sailing lake ontario salamander sally salutation salvo san diego birding san diego zoo san juan mountains colorado. tim cooper workshop sand sand beach sanderling sanderling lake ontario sandhill sandhill crane migration sandhill cranes sandhill cranes displaying sandhill cranes in flight sandhill cranes montezuma wildlife refuge sandhill cranes sunset sandpiper sandpiper' sandpipers sandwich sandy pond sapsucker saranac savoy saw scarlett scaup scavenging scene scenic scenic adirondacks scenic spots cayuga lake scenicdsc3498 scenics school scoter screech screech owl screech owl in cavity scuffle scuffle' sculpture sea seashore season seaweed secretary semi semipalmated semipalmated plover seneca seneca lake sentinel seo sep separation sept september sequence serendipity seventh seventh lake shaking sheep sherwood sherwood inn shilohettes shimmer shorebird shorebirds shorebirds2 short short eared owl short eared owl and northern harrier confrontation short eared owl behavior short eared owl behavior' short eared owl display short eared owl dual short eared owl flight short eared owl hunting short eared owl in grass short eared owl in the sun short eared owl interaction with northern harrier short eared owl roost short eared owl showing its alula short eared owl take off short eared owl with short eared owl with meadow vole short eared owl with prey shorteared owls' short eared owls shorteared owl shorteared owl behavior' shorteared owl behavior'shorteared shorteared owl dive shorteared owl hunting shorteared owl in flight shorteared owl interaction shorteared owl portrait shorteared owl stoop shorteared owl suitable for cover magazine 'short eared owls' shorteared owl with prey shorteared owls shorteared owls wing clapping shorteared owls' shorttailed shoveler shovelers shovler showy shrew' shrike sided sight sign signs sillohettes. simmonds simon pond simon's pond simone's sinclair singing single siskin' six skaneareles lake skaneateles skaneateles 'jazz on the lawn' skaneateles barn in winter skaneateles boat tours skaneateles farm skaneateles farmland skaneateles fine art prints skaneateles gazebo christmas skaneateles historic homes skaneateles lake skaneateles lake' skaneateles mailboat skaneateles mailboat dsc5265 skaneateles marina skaneateles scenic skimmer skimmerdragonfly skimmers skunk sky slash sleeping slipper slipper' slippers slow motion capture in photography small towns in maine smoke smoky snake snapping snapping turtle in water snapping turtle mating snapping turtle with neck extendd snapping turtlle snipe snipe' snow snow bunting snow bunting behavior snow bunting eating seeds snow drifts snow geese snow geese abstract snow geese migration snow patterns snowmobile snowstorm snowy snowy egret snowy egret breeding plumage snowy egret. snowy egret breeding plumage snowy egrets snowy lady slippers snowy owl snowy owl art snowy owl fatality snowy owl fight snowy owl fine art snowy owl flight snowy owl getting ready to take off snowy owl hunting snowy owl in flight snowy owl in flight not baited snowy owl in habitat snowy owl in snow storm snowy owl lifting off snowy owl portrait snowy owl taking flight' sodus sodus point soft focus photography soldiers solitude solstice solstice at saint paul's cathedral solstice at the cathedral syracuse new york song song birds songbirds sora sostice south south america spaces spangled sparrow sparrow' spencer spicebush spider spirit spotted spring springs spruce spruce bog spying squabble squabbles' squirrel squirrel' stand stand' standing stare starling state steal stealing steals steve still stilt stinkbug stockbridge stockbridge falls stones stoop stoop' store storm storm clouds storm clouds and rainbow straightening stranded stream street street photography strengthening strengthening wings' stretch study successful nesting piping plovers on lake ontario sue summer summer solstice summer' sun sunflower sunflowers sunny sunrise sunrise adirondacks sunrise seventh lake sunrise tupper lake ny sunrise with dock sunset sunset kayaking sunset lake ontario sunset with people paddle boarding sunsets sunsets lake ontario superior surrounded suspended swallow swallowtail swan swan' swans swans' sweet symmetry syracuse table tail tailed take taking tamarack tamarack as art tamarack in snow tamarack in winter tanager tangled tansy tapestry tatoo tattoo. tattooshow. tattoo am jam 2012 tea teal tennesee tennessee tension tern terns territorial territory terry the greatest generation thinker thistle thrasher threatened birds three throat throated thrush thunder hole thunder storm thunderhead thunderheads thunderheadsdsc3425 thunderstorm tide time timelessness titmouse to toching toddler tom's tom's cove tonemapped tools toothwort toro tossing trade trail train transmitter trap tree tree swallow tree swallow in flight tree swallow montezuma wildlife refuge trees trees in winter trees scenic treman tricolored trillium trillium' trout trumpeter tufted tughill tulip tundra tupper tupper lake turkey turkeys turns turnstone turtle turtlehead tussle twelve twilight twists two two deer in morning light underground understanding understory undisturbed undone unhappy union union springs' urban vacation lake placid valley vendors vermont vertical vertical fall scenic vertical' vetch vibrance village violets vireo virginia virginia rail feeding chick virginia rail with chick virginia rails vixen vole vulture w0rld wagging walk wanderings warbler warbler' warblers warbling wasp watchfire watchfire syracuse new york water water abstract water art water as art water lilies water lily fine art print water's waterfall waterfalls waterthrush' watkins watkins glenn watkins glenn' wave waves waxwing waxwings way website west western western grebe western grebe with fish wetlands wheat whet whispers white white deer winter white deer with young deer white red tailed hawk' birds of prey white tailed buck white tailed deer browsing tree whiting whiting© wide open space widgeon widgeons widow wild wild horses wild pony wild turkey displaying wildflower wildflower' wildflowers wildflowers adirondacks wildflowers. 'summer wildflowers' wildlife wildlife refuges wiles willet wilson's wilsons wilsons snipe' wind windblowen window winds wing winged wings wings up titmouse wingspan winter winter abstract winter cny winter harbor winter in the woods winter lake ontario winter landscape winter landscape fine art print winter road winter scenic winter scenic skaneateles winter scenic with horse winter skaneateles lake winter sports winter trail winter' winter's witch's wolf wolfe island woman woo wood wood duck wood duck axi sposa wood duck chicks woodchuck woodland woodpecker woodpecker' woods work world worm' wren yawning yawning' year's yearling yellow yellowbellied sapsucker yellowlegs yellowlegs' yellowthroat yellowthroat' york young young bird photographer young buck young fox young photographer zoo
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