Favorites 2018 - DianaWhitingPhotography
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Female Black Bear

Years ago while vacationing in the Virgin Islands National Park, we rented a vehicle to go exploring off the beat places to snorkel. We found a place that was down a potholed narrow dirt road where reports of sea turtles were seen. As I waded knee deep fiddling with my mask, a large crab was propelling itself on top of the water directly towards my legs. I always remember how I wasn’t frightened but more curious as to what it was doing. Just about a foot in front of me now, an octopus revealed itself coming to the surface and enveloping the crab taking it under the water. It was telling how I would react to wild encounters in the future; calm and curious.
I think of this now as I look back at the moment a large black bear is forty feet in front of me. I always wondered how I might feel with such a large animal like a bear. When I encountered this bear, I wasn’t afraid at all though I still was totally aware that it was a wild animal that could become aggressive if threatened or aggravated. Most of the time, you can read an animal and see if they are relaxed or becoming agitated. I just was in awe.....