Favorites 2018 - DianaWhitingPhotography
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Black Bear Yearling Against Its Mountain Home

This was one of the smaller yearling black bears we encountered and one of my favorite because its little head appeared above me as we were slowly driving by. I took a couple quick hand held photos from the car window and pulled over a bit down the road. Mom and her youngster were making their way to cross the road. Soon it was a typical bear jam and I became concerned when people were directly in front of them where they wanted to cross. I could see the mother becoming anxious and next thing I know, my lips were moving asking people to step back to allow the bears to cross the road. Of course, one numb nuts still stood fifteen feet in front of them until the crowd now told him to move. With the path clear, mom and youngster crossed safely. I think animals are much like turtles in that when they have it in their mind to cross in a direction, that is what they are going to do.

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