Favorites 2018 - DianaWhitingPhotography
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Black Bear Family

When speaking with a friend today about the bears we saw on vacation, it struck me how a narrative can shape us. Everything from our early fairytale stories to the occasionally story of a wildlife encounter gone wrong can make people fearful. The big bad wolf or the three bears don't really help us live with wildlife. Things don't need to be true, only repeated enough to gain traction. My encounter with the bears really brought this home. This is not to say that wild animals are not to be respected. They mostly want to be left alone. This family is soon to break up after the youngsters have spent 16-17 months with their mom. It could happen suddenly when she encounters a male and is ready to mate again. These two yearlings will now have to fend for themselves taking everything they have learned from their mom to survive. Males will have to find their own territory, a formidable task for a young bear.

Black Bear FamilyBlack bear cade's covesmoky mountains