Favorites 2018 - DianaWhitingPhotography
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Female Coyote

When wildlife are used to seeing people, you may enjoy more than a fleeting look. In Cade's Cove, they had been mowing the edges of the fields, a practice I assume to give both drivers some visibility and prevent an animal from getting hit by a vehicle. It was a morning that we had gotten up really early so I was disappointed to be behind the lawn mowing, but I had just said to Joe that coyotes might be out scavenging when one appeared. A lactating female, smaller than any coyote that I have ever seen, was actively hunting the side of the road. It was just us and we stayed in the car cutting the engine which seemed to satisfy her that we meant no harm. We were able to watch her until someone else came along and just had to jump out of his car immediately scaring her away. Can I ask why these people are always wearing camouflage? Animals are a lot smarter.