Favorites for 2015 - DianaWhitingPhotography
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Every morning on vacation, I would enter my kayak and slip into the mist to watch the day break. This particular morning was the perfect amount of fog and light wind, allowing for the sitting mist to dance in dawn's palette of light and color. With this prospect before me, I forget that it is thirty six degrees with my kayak demanding I get in it while in the water. From the lake, it is a different perspective of time and space, something easier to see than standing on the shore. I feel more a part of the landscape and experience the growing light with a profound sense of gratitude that is very moving. My thoughts are of the three woman who were shot to death a couple days ago who will not see this sunrise. A man repeatedly charged with domestic violence and other crimes was released from prison. The victims sadly did not get any warning of his release despite the violent history with him. Wilno, Ontario is a very small place and yet a reported several hundred people showed up at a candlelight vigil to remember them. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the victims. In this moment, in this photograph, I feel a sense of infinity and timelessness that assures me that our lives here are but a part of our journey.

infinityreligiouseternityscenictimelessnessfog and mist