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'Northern Hawk Owl'
It's a close race to which side of me is the most crazy; the birder or the photographer. After driving for over four hours and dressed for being in the car, we found the Owl we came for. It is a somewhat small owl and was perched in a stand of trees back in someone's yard. After obtaining permission from the extremely gracious and helpful property owner, I set off across the drifted snow sinking in past my knees with every other step. I finally found a spot looking between the many branches while still giving the Owl room to be comfortable. The wind was blowing over 40 miles an hour and much to my dismay, I realized I was standing in freezing water that came to the top of my boots.
Of course, knowing full well this could be a one time opportunity in great light, I stayed still observing the Owl for an hour and a half with one hand trying to steady the tripod, and the other on the shutter. My feet were numb with cold as well as my hands, but I kept my attention to the life bird before me. As it turns out, I did capture some behavior and it turned out to be my only chance in three days.

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