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Red-tailed Hawk Pair
There is a wonderful book by Pete Dunne called 'The Wind Masters: The Lives of North American Birds of Prey'. It is a wonderful collection of short stories of Raptors based on natural history. One of the stories is about a Red-tailed Hawk pair and their relationship. If you love birds and nature it is a must have book.

Red-tailed Hawks mate for life though they separate each year after their young fledge. In late winter you might notice that you see pairs of them. At first they sit some distance apart, even in separate trees. The male must start over each year courting the female. Eventually when she is happy, they will sit side by side, their bonding renewed. They kind of look like an old married couple.

I enjoy thinking of this ritual when I come upon them. Though the winter by appearance is hanging on, spring unfolds in the natural world on time.

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