Since I was a young child, I sought peace and solace in wild places. I was always the most comfortable there. In 1989 I bought my first serious DSLR camera for a trip to Africa where my love for wildlife met a new desire to tell their stories. Already an avid birdwatcher, I started there when I got home. I want to tell stories of their beauty, their lives, and their connection to us as a healing spirit. I believe that we cannot care about the things we do not see, so it is my hope that by revealing the wonders of Nature’s denizens, we will in turn learn to embrace and protect our wildlife and their home.

"Soul is the deep feeling that is expressed from the heart and the mind: from a musician, an artist, a dancer, a photographer or from a writer. When you open your heart, and pour out your spirit, and you feel something that makes a difference in your life. That is the meaning of soul." Solomon Burke

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